Update: 5/27/20

Good news for our congregation – we will be opening the church with a “Celebration Worship Service” on June 7! This Celebration Service will included singing, Scripture reading, and prayer. Seating will be limited with social distancing. 

CLICK HERE to view the Reopening Letter.

Update: 5/7/20

In order to ensure safety and give adequate time to prepare and deep clean the church facilities, the Elders of Garden City Church of Christ have decided to continue doing our worship services via the church website and Facebook at least through the month of May.

CLICK HERE to view the VIDEO of the steps we are taking to re-open the church in a measured way.

CLICK HERE to view the LETTER of the steps we are taking to re-open the church in a measured way.

Update: 4/20/20

Governor Eric Holcomb has extended the Indiana stay-at-home order by two weeks. A two-week addition means we are required to stay in our homes and avoid nonessential travel until at least May 1. Garden City Church of Christ has canceled Sunday services and all activities through May 1.

Update: 4/7/20

Governor Eric Holcomb has extended the Indiana stay-at-home order by two weeks. A two-week addition means we are required to stay in our homes and avoid nonessential travel until at least April 20. Garden City Church of Christ will continue to honor this order and has canceled Sunday services (including Easter worship) and all activities through April 20. The church ministers and staff will continue to work from home throughout this time. We would like to continue lifting you up in prayer by having you call or text our cell phones or by emailing prayer requests to We also encourage you all to continue your discipleship efforts by reaching out to others, especially those without internet access.

Update: 3/24/20

Dear Church Family,


During a conference call this week, the leadership determined a course of action for us regarding our Sunday morning gatherings. While our heart is to be in fellowship with one another as soon as possible, we want to be careful in our decision as to when that will happen so as to not expose anyone to greater risk because of the coronavirus.


Since Governor Holcomb has issued a “stay-at-home” order for two weeks for Indiana (March 25—April 7), we have decided to extend for another week our original decision not to meet on Sunday mornings. We will not have church on Sunday, April 5. Note: During this two week period, the church office will be closed and the staff will work from home. The decision of when we will return to our normal worship schedule will be based on information we receive from local, state, and federal authorities, as we continue to monitor the situation of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We will reevaluate our steps forward on Monday, April 6.


We want to let you know that when we do return to our normal Sunday morning schedule, we will do the following:


  • Our first Sunday back will be a “Celebration Sunday” for all of us! We will worship and praise God together for His faithfulness!
  • Then, for 4 Sundays, Brian will lead us through a series of messages on grace (“Grace is >”).
  • Afterward, we will have a designated Sunday where we will celebrate Resurrection Sunday together!

Remember, the coronavirus has NOT canceled Christ’s resurrection or the Church! We celebrate the power of the resurrection every day in our lives (Romans 8:11), and the Church belongs to Christ who has the victory (Revelation 1:12-20)! Let us continue in faith in the One who guides us, in hope of a better future, and in love for God and towards one another during this journey.


We encourage you and your families to read the Bible, pray, and even share in communion with each other in your homes. Also, Brian will continue to share a message each Sunday via the internet at and on Facebook. We would also like to continue lifting you up in prayer by having you call or text our cell phones or by emailing prayer requests to


Finally, as the Lord blesses you and provides, we do ask you to remember the church in your giving. Our church, ministries, and missionary support rely on your faithful stewardship. We will continue to pray that God meets your every need in His abundance! If you would like to give, you can give online at or through the GivePlus mobile app.


Thank you, church family, and God bless you!


GCCC Ministry Staff & Elders

Update: 3/20/20

Dear Church Family,


As we continue to monitor the situation involving Covid-19, we try to respond appropriately even though changes happen quite frequently. We want to do our very best to keep everyone that calls GCCC “home” safe during this time, especially those among us most vulnerable.


We want to let you know that we need to cancel both the Good Friday and Sunrise Service/Breakfast that were scheduled to happen. The reasons for this include:


  • The time required to prepare and plan for both events are not an option in light of the fact that we cannot meet together to prepare.
  • After the leadership decided not to meet until April 4, the CDC strongly recommended that there not be any social gatherings larger than 50 people for at least 8 weeks. Our state government agreed with this recommendation.

At this time, we are not making a decision regarding Resurrection Sunday. We want to continue to closely monitor what authorities are telling us about the coronavirus and gatherings. Of course we pray fervently that God would intervene supernaturally and reverse the problems we face as a nation and world with this virus. We will continue to have a message on the church website on or before each Sunday at 10AM. We invite you to join us around the table at your home from the internet! We will keep you posted about future events and our response to the changing standards of fighting this virus.


Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. We love the people that are the church, at GCCC. We pray you remain safe and that God keeps you in the palm of His hand. Remember, we serve the Living King who is victorious. He is the Resurrection and the Life! He is able to hold us fast and “is able to protect you from stumbling and to make you stand in the presence of his glory, without blemish and with great joy” (Jude 24).


Finally, please continue to keep the church in your prayers. Please continue to pray for the church leadership and staff as we strive to continue to minister to our congregation and the community in the midst of the many restrictions currently on us. We want to encourage you to give as you are able to support the church and to help us meet our financial obligations and those that rely on us financially. You are able to do so by mailing your tithe, giving on our website, and through the GivePlus app. The church office will continue to stay open unless changes require us to not open the building.


Garden City Church of Christ is canceling services until April 5, 2020. This decision is based on the recommendation of the local COVID-19 Task Force that all faith-based in-person services and large group gatherings be suspended through April 4.

We intend to provide weekly sermons at or on our Facebook page. These sermons will be available at or before 10:00am each Sunday morning. In the absence of our weekly gatherings, you are encouraged to continue giving your tithes and offerings through the website and the GivePlus app.

The offices will remain open throughout the week. If conditions change, we will provide an update.

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