Youth Groups

FUEL (9th-12th graders) and OXYGEN (6th-8th graders) are our ministries for youth at Garden City Church of Christ. In addition, we take trips and go on retreats during the school year and the summer. Our youth ministry takes a covenant-based approach to its efforts, partnering with families to develop students into mature Christians. They also seek “to win fellow students to Christ, to worship, pray, and fellowship in sincerity and truth, and to do all things to the glory of God with excellence!"

Wednesday Night Youth Group:

Fuel and Oxygen meet on Wednesdays, from 6-8PM.

What to expect: Games, worship, lesson, and small group discussions.

What to Bring: Boys bring a bottle of pop and girls bring a bag of chips or a snack on the first Wednesday of each month.

Check our Families' Events Page & Calendar for special events.

Join Our Crew

The youth at GCCC love connecting a variety of ways - including singing, acting, and creating video.  Check out their latest skit - Spiritual Starbucks